Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Still staring at them with thoughts invading my mind, THE MANAGER said, ‘I need to ask you something.’  With my senses playing tricks on me, I was hoping he would say what I was thinking.  OMG…am I a slut?  What is wrong with me??  I went into a fetus position and asked, ‘what?’  ‘I know it’s kind of unbelievable for you to think that I didn’t bring you up here for what happened between us, but I assure you, I really didn’t want that to happen, but I just couldn’t say no.’  THE SINGER sat down beside me on the couch; smirking.  I snuck a peak at his bulge and began to sweat.  ‘I know what it looks like, but I want to ask you something; and it’s okay if you say no,’ THE MANAGER said.  Now everything became clear…he played me!  Trying to be all romantic and shit only because he wanted some was not a new game!  But it was so damn good that I couldn’t be completely upset with him, but I tried.  ‘so, all you wanted was to fuck me.  You should have just said that instead of playing these games with me!’ I exclaimed; finally sitting up and crossing my arms across my chest.  THE MANAGER sat down next to me and looked at me with his piercing eyes.  ‘Look, I can’t blame you for thinking that and like I said, if you say no to what I want to ask you, that’s fine.  I’d still like to continue to see you.’  Was he serious?  What was he thinking?  Can I have them both?  My thoughts were dancing to and fro and I started to feel dizzy again.  Then, he finally asked, ‘My brother and I always had a fantasy of having the same woman.’  ‘oh, so I’m the lucky candidate?’  Now I was starting to regret sleeping with him and feeling like a total fucking loser.  THE MANAGERs’ expression changed as if I hurt his feelings.  Really?  REALLY??  He finally said to his brother, ‘let’s forget this.  This is not going to work.’  THE MANAGER got up from the couch and poured himself a drink.  I felt the anger rising inside of me.  Not because of what happened, but because I let it happen.

I stormed out of the livingroom feeling like a complete idiot and began collecting my things; tears burning the corners of my eyes.  What the hell was I thinking?  How can I put myself in this position thinking that I could find something meaningful?  But there was another part of me that always dreamed of this.  For some beautiful man to sweep me off my feet and then everything would turn out great!  Isn’t that what we always dream about when we meet someone with the slightest bit of potential??  I was so torn.  I mean, this man didn’t hurt me in any way, just gave me the pleasure I needed.  He actually didn’t seduce me, I seduced him!  I sighed, put my clothes back on the bed; rolling all of these thoughts through my head.  I took a deep breath and headed out to the livingroom.

THE MANAGER and THE SINGER were sitting on the couch talking and both turned their attention towards me.  I managed to say, ‘okay.’  THE MANAGER swirled his drink and stared at me with an unpleasant look in his eyes.  ‘forget it,’ he exclaimed; finishing the rest of his drink.  THE SINGER got up from the couch and approached me and said, ‘I think my brother caught some feelings for you.  Don’t know if this is gonna work out.’  HURRAH!!  Wait…WHAT??  The butterflies in my stomach danced fiercely but I kept my cool!  I looked back at THE SINGER.  I sat down next to THE MANAGER and said, ‘I didn’t mean to go off like that.  I mean, I actually always had the fantasy of having two men and I’m down for that.  But I’m sure you can understand why I reacted the way I did.  I might have caught a little feelings for you too, even though I just met you last night.’  THE MANAGER just looked at me.  He sighed, put his glass down and said, ‘I’m not trying to disrespect you.  We’re all adults here.’  I just batted my eyes at him and his smirk turned into a smile.  ‘I don’t normally do this.  My brother pretty much talked me into and it sounded like a good idea at the time, but I don’t know if want to share you now.’  I smiled and rested my chin on his shoulder and asked, ‘so what do you want to do?’  THE SINGER suddenly said, ‘I’m gonna leave you two alone.  Man, let me know what’s up,’ and walked towards the door.  ‘wait a second,’ THE MANAGER exclaimed and then looked at me.  ‘So you want to do this?’  YES, my mind screamed!!  ‘yes.’  THE MANAGER smiled and said, ‘just once and then you’re all mine.’ 

After THE MANAGER talked over the plans with THE SINGER about him returning later, THE MANAGER something else in mind, ‘how about we make a day of it.  That’s if you have nothing planned.’  ‘I have nothing planned.  What do you want to do?’  He pulled me off the couch and looked into my eyes and said, ‘spend the day with you.

I felt like I was living a dream!  We ordered room serve; made love in the shower, went out for lunch; and did a little window shopping.  The whole time he was the perfect gentlemen; holding my hand and holding me close to his side.  There was a side of me that didn’t want to go through with the threesome, but hell...if I can just have this one fantasy come true with two of the finest men on the planet, then I’m gonna do it dammit!  And even if this didn’t turn into anything serious with THE MANAGER, at least I can look back on the memories of this moment without regret!  At that moment, I stopped worrying and just enjoyed our time together!  Getting all that was needed, we caught a cab!  My heart began to pound as I slipped my arm through THE MANAGERs’ anticipating what was to become my ultimate fantasy!  But there was a part of me that wished it just the two of us!  BUT…I am not going to pass up on this once in a lifetime opportunity for a million years!  I know…my mind is making me crazier than I think I am!

We sat on the couching cuddling and kissing when there was a knock at the door.  I giggled a little bit!  THE MANGER swung the door open and in walked THE SINGER.  ‘hey you’ he said approaching me and sitting down next to me.  He swung his arm around me when THE MANAGER said, ‘yo man, why don’t take a shower.  We’re all ready here.’ ‘aight’ THE SINGER SAID, looking at me with a hungry look in his eyes.  He leaned closer to me and whispered in my ear, ‘get ready for me’ and kissed my neck softly.  I looked into his eyes and softly kissed his bottom lip and said, ‘I am.  Hurry up.’

Emerging in just a towel, THE SINGER approached me and sat on the other side.  ‘let’s go in the bedroom where we have more room,’ THE MANAGER exclaimed.  With THE MANAGER in his boxer briefs and THE SINGER in just a towel; my heart began to race with excitement that these two gorgeous men were going to have their hands and lips and everything else all over me and in me and I suddenly become unbelievably aroused!

THE MANAGER in front of me, caressing my hips and thighs; and THE SINGER pressed up against me from behind squeezing my ass and kissing my neck.  I became utterly weak and threw my head back onto THE SINGERs’ shoulder and closed my eyes.  The lingerie I was wearing suddenly fell to the floor and I felt THE MANAGERs’ tongue sucking and teasing my nipples; as I felt THE SINGERs’ hands travel in between my legs and said, ‘mmmm…you’re wet.  I like that.’  I moaned, pushing my ass into him; feeling the hardness of him press into me.  THE SINGER played with my nipples in a teasing fashion as my knees buckled under me.  I felt lips on my thighs and looked to see THE MANAGER on his knees in front of my treasure looking up at me.  He lifted one of my legs over his shoulder and began to devour my juices while THE SINGER continued to caress and play with my nipples!  I could feel my wetness dripping down the inside of my thighs and wrapped one hand behind THE SINGERs’ neck and one hand behind THE MANAGER’S head; pushing him deeper into my pussy; feeling his tongue circle deep inside me and run it over my clit!  ‘I want to taste some of that too,’ THE SINGER exclaimed.  ‘I want to taste you too,’ I whispered; my entire body jerking from the pleasure I was receiving.  THE MANAGER stopped and I crawled onto the bed on my hands and knees; biting my lip and gyrating my hips so that my ass bounced; waiting for whatever they were about to do to me.  They both stood on both sides of the bed watching me; as I ran my hands across my ass.  I stood on my knees; caressing and sucking on my nipples when they both approached.  THE SINGER kissed me hungrily and then retreated between my legs to taste the yummy goodness that was starting to emerge around the inside of my walls.  I fell to my hands and pumped into his face as he grabbed my ass; pushing me closer and pushing his tongue deeper inside my hole.  THE MANAGER, on his knees beside me, came around to face me stroking his hard shaft and I couldn’t help but take his thickness into my mouth.  Their moans sounded loudly in my ears and I became like a cat in heat; jerking; gyrating; humping; moaning!  Sucking hungrily on THE MANAGERs’ shaft and bouncing my pussy onto THE SINGERs’ face; I suddenly felt THE SINGER inside; stroking my throbbing walls! ‘damn you feel good.’  THE SINGER slowly thrust deeper and deeper; my mouth still wrapped around THE MANAGERs cock; sucking and licking and taking it all in as deep as I could.  THE SINGER began to pump faster and faster; slapping my ass; as I pushed back into wanting to take every inch and teach me a lesson like the bad girl I was.  On the verge of an orgasm, I sucked THE MANAGERs’ cock faster and faster; the sound of his moans filling the room and pushing me deeper onto his shaft!   The room began to spin; I let go THE MANAGERs’ cock and heard his screams as he shot his goodness all over my face. ‘OMG…YES…YES…OMG,’ I screamed as I came; hearing THE SINGER also scream as shots of his stickiness drenched my ass!

With no strength to be found, I fell to my stomach as THE SINGER ran his hands softly across my back, my ass and my legs.  THE MANAGER then turned me on my back and laid his body on top of me; kissing me passionately; our tongues dancing inside each other’s mouth.  He then lifted my legs around his waist and entered me softly.  I began to hear THE SINGER whisper in my ear while THE MANAGER stroked my goodness!  ‘that cock feels good inside you don’t it,  he said; stroking my hair.  ‘You taste so sweet.  My cock is still hard from being inside you.’  I felt THE SINGERs’ tongue travelling across my earlobe as he continue to whisper his dirtiness into my ear.  I began gyrating my hips upward to get ever inch of THE MANAGERs’ cock deeper inside me.  THE MANAGER reached underneath and grabbed my ass pulling me closer.  ‘get all that pussy…yea…take it all man,’ THE SINGER said; as I watched him stroke his cock.  ‘you wanna taste that? Huh?  You want to taste that cock,’ THE SINGER whispered in my ear.  ‘yes,’ I managed to say and felt the head of his shaft on my lips!  I licked and sucked the head of his cock as he played with my nipples.  I suddenly lost control and grabbed THE SINGERs’ ass; bringing him closer; almost chocking on his cock.  Rubbing my face across his hardness and licking his balls. ‘oh shit!  oh shit!  yes…suck that cock,’ THE SINGER moaned.  If you could ever imagine what complete ecstasy feels like, this would be it!  I became dizzy again on the verge of coming when…AGAIN…the screams sounded loudly; echoing through the room.

I can’t tell how long this went on…all I can say is at some point we had fallen asleep and I awoke noticing the sun peeking through the blinds.  They were both staring and smiling down at me.  ‘good morning sunshine,’ THE SINGER exclaimed; running the tip of fingers across my check; then suddenly down across my nipples; my stomach and between my legs.  ‘I need to be inside you one more time,’ THE SINGER said.  My heart began to beat faster; feeling THE MANAGERs’ lips softly on mine.  I reached out to both of them; stroking their cocks; surrendering my entire body to their lips on my neck and breasts.  I spread my legs wider; resting a leg on each of them as they fingered my wetness.  One had his finger inside my pussy and other in my ass; while they both took a nipple to suck on!  Like an animal, I jumped on top of THE SINGER, staring down at him and rubbing my pussy against his cock!  He smiled up at me and I eased down; squeezing him between my walls!  He grabbed my ass and proceeded to thrust hard inside me; as I rode him faster and faster!  ‘give me that pussy!  GIVE IT TO ME,’ he yelled; slapping my ass over and over again…‘good pussy.  Damn your pussy is good!’ ‘YES…YES…OH YES…SSSSSSSSSSSSS,’ I exclaimed as my body went into convulsions.  I slipped off and fell backwards into THE MANAGERs arms.  THE SINGER shot his come all over the bed and me; as he lay there soaked; stroking his cock with this big grin on his face.  THE MANAGER suddenly pulled me closer to him; bending me over and entering me.  My arms wrapped around the back of his neck, he held me as close as possible as his stroke become faster and faster; running his fingers across my nipples with one hand and playing with my clit with the other!  Orgasmically filled, his strong hands held me close and felt if he let me go; that would be it for me!

Laying in a pool of sweat and sexual funk, THE SINGER kissed me deep and said, ‘thank you,’ then got up, entered the bathroom for a shower and got dressed to leave.  I turned to look at THE MANAGER who was laying there with a smile and wrapped my arms around him; burying my face in his chest!  THE MANAGER stroked my hair and caressed my shoulders; tilting my face upward to meet his and kissed me softly.

I woke up with the sheet between my legs; the bed completely soaked and thought, ‘oh hell no!  Damn dream!’  It had been 3 months since I’d seen THE MANAGER and hadn’t gone to see THE SINGER in concert since that evening.  THE MANAGER hadn’t called like he said he would, but I was okay with that.  I got out of bed and retreated to the livingroom suddenly reliving that infamous night; spreading my legs; playing with my nipples and caressing my clit through my wet panties.  On the verge of coming, the doorbell rang.  I pulled my panties back on, pulled my tank top back down and grabbed some shorts.  ‘Just a minute,’ I screamed as I ran to the kitchen and quickly washed my hands and proceeded to see who was at the door.  ‘who is it?,’ I said; looking through the peephole.  My heart jumped and I couldn’t breathe.  When I finally settled my composure, I swung the door open and the person in front me said, ‘you didn’t think I would just let you go that easily, do you?’  Without thinking, I jumped into THE MANAGERS’ arms, wrapping my legs around his waist and squeezing him tightly.  I looked into his eyes and asked, ‘what are you doing here?’ ‘I wanted to see you,’ He said; smiling. ‘Are you busy?  Can I come in?’  ‘Not busy at all.  Come in.’

We talked to for hours to find that he no longer managed his brothers’ career.  And after our “incident” he felt he needed to re-examine the path he was going in his life and took on new opportunities; opportunities that he wanted to include ME in!!  I tried holding back the tears, but I was so emotional that I just held my head in my hands and cried!  I thought, how, what, when…But you know what?  I didn't care HOW...WHAT…WHEN... I’m just glad I finally found the man and the love I was looking for; even through something as crazy as…THE SINGER’S CRESCENDO!


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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...I needed one too after writing it! LOL

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My first reaction was the same as the young lady's as I started reading. After reading the remainder, that is one Hell of a Story!! Had me hanging on to every single word, wondering what would happen next.


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Thank you Drew Drew! HUGS :)

Stay tuned for a new story coming atcha soon!

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This Right Here... This Right Here Is The BOMB... You Go Caprice :-)

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Thank you KWEEN!! This is not for the faint at heart! hahahaha