Saturday, April 3, 2010


I starred at myself in the mirror; making sure every curve of the fabric of my dress fell precisely where it should; caressing my ass and pushing my breasts tightly; revealing a hint of cleavage as if in a waiting smile.  I was meeting my girls and on my way to a concert to hear one of my favorite male singers perform tonight; which is long overdue since I haven’t seen him in a while. 

And I tell you…this man was FIOYNE!!  He had woman fainting at the mere sight of him and throwing their stuff at him whenever they got the chance!  See, I have a little more class than that.  My thought is this…I would try to seduce him before I just give myself to him.  Maybe...whisper sweet nothings in his ear while my tongue lightly ran across his earlobe; pressing my breasts against his chest so that he could feel my hard nipples poke him slightly.  Maybe...bend over for him with thigh high stockings and heels so that he could give me a good spanking on my plump ass and...’wake up girl...wake up!!’ I said out loud; trying to shake the horniness from my mind; but my clit had a mine of it’s own as it throbbed through my lace panties.  Yes, my fantasies kept me warm at night, but once...just once, I’d like for them to come true.  Just thinking about his piercing eyes, smooth honey brown skin; deliciously tempting full perfect lips, and his strong hands grasping every inch of my body...oh lawd...I had to sit down on the edge of the bed for a minute.   To get control of my emotions, I headed to the bathroom to splash cold water on my face.  DAMN HIM!  If he only knew!!!  But then again, it’s probably nothing new for him, I’m guessing.  Hell, if my predictions are correct, I’m sure he’s been propositioned by millions of women who hide under his bed in the hotel room; in closets; everywhere!  What would he possibly do with me?  I snickered to myself, already knowing the answer to that question.

Making one last go ‘round in the mirror, my cell went off and of course it was my girls letting me know that they were downstairs.  My sassy loud friend rented a limo for the night, so we were going to ride in style to the show.  My other friend, (we’ll call her ‘giggly’) GIGGLED when she saw me emerge out of the door as I sashayed towards the car.  I slide in and there was silence for a moment as we gave each other a once over.  We burst out in laughter like high school girls; as the limo pulled off into the night.

We had gotten there a little early so we could get a good seat close to the stage.  Stepping out of the car “movie style”; striking a pose and laughing at ourselves; I saw something in the corner of my eye and saw THE SINGER standing in the doorway of the stage door; smirking.  My heart fluttered, but I kept my composure and seductively turned my back to give him my ass to see; but really wanting to fix my panties because my clit twitched and my panties got moist.  When I turned to see him, he was still standing there looking in my direction.  Was he watching me DAMMIT, let him be watching me.  I smiled; he smiled back and blew a two finger kiss at me.  Then someone appeared in front of him and he was gone.  I thought I was about to damn near fall out on that ground!  I REALLY had to check my make-up now because I could feel the sweat beats trickling down my forehead and cheeks.

We finally entered the small but quaint venue!  good’ I thought to myself; a perfect chance for me to be close enough to the stage where he could see me; maybe reach out and touch me.  mhmmmm...I smiled at the thought of him being that close and my nipples stood at attention.  not now, girls’, I whispered into my cleavage.  Suddenly, the lights went down and I SWEAR I could smell him in the darkness!  The screams from behind me were deafening and annoying at the same time as my clit began to twitch!  deep breaths girl’ I whispered! The lights beamed and there he was in all his glory!  The room began to spin as I tried to grab a hold of myself; crossed my legs and stared at the bulge in his jeans as he belted out one of my favorite songs. 

The concert came and went!  ladies and gentlemen, THE SINGER will be out shortly to meet and greet. so hold tight.’  OMG...OMG...OMG...I screamed inside!  I jumped up and ran towards the bathroom along with the other women and suddenly stopped; realizing I was acting just like them.  I went back to my seat and waited.  I’m not going to make a fool of myself!  Fuck that! 

Acting as if I just didn’t care, I felt someone brush the back of my neck with the tips of their fingers; looked up and it was THE SINGER; smiling down at me.  I blushed, my heart pumping loudly in my ears; arching my back to try and get a hold of my clit throbbing.  The room began spinning as I watched these damn women block my view as they rushed him; almost stepping on my heels! ‘biotches’  I kept my cool and sighed; watching them make total fools of themselves; and noticed that all this time, he never took his eyes off me.  I turned away, took my cell phone out and started to check imaginary messages; knowing deep down that his presence was driving me mad! 

As the women dispersed, he sat down at my table smirking at me.  ‘hello beautiful.’  There was something caught in my throat as I tried to respond but couldn’t.  All I could do was stare; at his lips; into his eyes; his hands; the bulge in his jeans.  h-hi,’ I finally exclaimed and his smile widen.  I’ve been watching you since you came in.  Now I know a beautiful woman like you isn’t here by herself, is she?’  ‘no, I’m here with my girls’, I whispered.  He licked his lips and all I could do was follow the stroke of his tongue across his lips!  girl, get a hold of yourself!!  there’s something about you I can’t put my finger on,’ he cooed, ‘but I’m curious as to what it is.’  I blushed, thinking, what you can do for me is put your hands anywhere you want on about on my clit!!’  but said instead, ‘oh’  He reached to lightly touch my hand and said, ‘I don’t know, but I’d like to explore that if you’re interested.’  Suddenly, I thought, what does he think I am? Some kind of damn groupie?? not realizing I said it aloud; surprising myself that I let my thoughts be heard!  ‘not at all.  I now there’s more to you than just your beauty.  I’m reaching here, but would you like to hang out with me tonight?  That’s…if you want to.’  I studied him for a minute; seeking the truth in his words.  He “seemed” sincere, but people sometimes say things to get what they want.  ‘and I assure you, your body is not what I’m looking for,’ he exclaimed.  Was he reading my thoughts??  Damn him! DAMN HIM for making me want him; DAMN HIM for wanting to feel his dick inside me!  DAMN DAMN DAMN HIM!!  I stared at him for a moment; contemplating his offer.  ‘okay, but I just want to let you now. I’m not one of your groupies where you can do whatever you want.  I’m a lady and have respect about myself.’  indeed’ he said and smiled.  He stood and held his hand out for me to take.  I waved my girls goodbye.

So I’m standing there watching him open his hotel room door and staring at this ass at the same time.  The door opens and inside was something like a penthouse suite that the rich and important people book.  I smiled inside but not on the outside, because I didn’t want him to see how pleased I was at what my eyes were seeing.  There were rose petals sprinkled over tables and the carpet; HIS music playing softly in the background and scented candles were flickering throughout the room.  Oh, so…he had this all set up??, I thought.  This motherfuckin’ playa!!  If he thinks I’m buying into this shit, he got another thing coming. 

Okay, so…I was buying into it all because, hell, I was horny, he was fine and I’m single!  Don’t hate me!!  Not to let him know he had me at hello, I said, So this is your game, huh?’ I said, with attitude.  He looked at me with those piercing eyes and said, ‘I don’t play games.   I already told you, there’s something special about you.’ THE SINGER did not smirk or smile when he said this and I now felt foolish.  But come on, he is a singer...isn’t that what they do??  ‘If you feel I’m playing you, then you can just leave right now because that’s not what I brought you up here for.’  Why not? I thought.  All I could do was stare at him blankly.  He stared back, slowly approached me and looked deep into my eyes, ‘don’t you believe in fate?  love at first sight?’  ‘ye-yes, but...’I stuttered and then he put his finger to my lips, ‘.don’t speak.  Come.’  My legs were planted to the spot I was standing in and couldn’t move.  The room began to spin, my breathing became heavy and I felt his hands around my waist; all his man-ness pressed up against me and the heat rising in my loins, but he wasn’t touching me or was ??

Then without warning, I found myself rushing him.  I couldn’t stop myself and he damn sure didn’t push me away.  My lips melted into his hungrily as I felt his tongue flicker around mine slowly.  He then pushed me away and said, ‘wait a minute.  I told you, this is not what I brought you up here for.  I just want to get to know you.  Spend some time.  But I damn sure ain’t mad at you.’  His hands travelled up my thigh, rustling my dress as our lips lingered inches away from each other.  ‘I’m sorry.  I-I don’t know what came over me.’  shhhh…it’s fine.’ he said, softly biting my bottom lip; wishing he would rip my dress off and take me right there.  He gently rubbed his soft lips against my neck and suddenly I was laying on the couch with him over me.  ‘what in the hell…’  I guess he noticed the confused look on my face and said ‘you fainted.’, as he outlined my cheeks with the tips of his fingers.  Embarrassed I tried sitting up, but he blocked me; ‘just relax,’ he said; smiling. ‘you know, I get thousands of women throwing themselves at me.  I ain’t stupid, sometimes I feed into it, but I just don’t want to hit it and quit it; I guess you can say I’m a bit of a romantic.’  I just gazed into his eyes and said, ‘oh.’ I exclaimed; gazing into his eyes.  what the hell am I doing with this man?  what the hell am I doing?  why the hell is he telling me this? I thought to myself.  I want your dick inside me; fucking me til I scream!  Please and thank you.  He must have heard my thoughts because he gently grabbed the back of my neck and kissed me soft and hard; feeling salvia slide down the corners of my mouth!  DAMN, his kiss was incredible!!

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer; as my clit grew and my walls got moist beyond belief.  His chest heaving, he stopped kissing me, held me close and said, ‘I-I don’t want to do this now.  Not now, but I can’t...I,’ he stammered; his breath heavy and nuzzling my neck.  I held his face in my hands and said, ‘I want you.’  He moved forward and bit my neck in my sweet spot; positioning himself between my legs; rubbing his cock gently against my waiting fruit.  Suddenly, I was laying there in my black lace bra and panties.  What the hell?  What is he some kind of magician?  He ripped his shirt open and tore off his tank!   I went to loosen the belt on his jeans, but he stopped me and removed them himself and stood there looking down at me; my mouth slightly opened wanting him to rub his shaft on my lips so that I could lick the head, but instead I bit my bottom lip.  He then removed his boxer briefs and I almost choked at what “stood” before me.  ‘What are you doing to me?’ he exclaimed; positioning himself between my legs.  His tongue travelled slowly upwards on the insides of my thighs as I wiggled in ecstasy from his warm soft lips on my skin.  On his knees, he looked up to stare at me; I reached for him not to stop.  what...don’t stop...what’s the matter?’ I managed to say.  The silence was killing me as he continued to stare at me.  He then firmly grabbed my hips and pulled my panties down to my knees.  I tried getting them completely off but he held my hands down and went in on me. ‘I want them right there,’ he said. 

First he kissed me softly on my fruit; my legs spreading wider and wider for him to take all my juices that were dripping downward toward the crack of my ass.  He kissed my lips...the insides of my opening.  Then in one long swoop, I felt his tongue slide across my pussy; from the crack of my ass to the tip of my clit.  I struggled to release myself from his grasp.   I wanted to grab his head and push his face deeper so that I could feel his tongue inside me.  He teased my clit with his tongue as I moaned, ‘take it...OMG..stop teasing!’  He swallowed me whole as I pumped my hips faster and faster into his face and then he stopped; pulling my panties completely off and laying on top of me.   Never in my life had I had a man took his time as he did.  ‘w-why are you teasing me?’ I stammered; feeling his cock lay in between the folds of my pussy.  He said not a word still and showered me softly with small kisses to my lips; my cheeks; my eyes and then entered me slowly.  I gasped because as you know, the man was thick in his size and my tight pussy swallowed his cock whole.  Looking me deep into my eyes, he slowly circled the insides of my walls; thrusting faster and faster but not too hard while my juices drowned his cock and my eyes rolled back into my head. ‘look at me’ I heard him whisper and I open my eyes to see those beautiful eyes of his filled with passion; watery even.  I felt as if my soul left my body and I had no chance of escaping; completely surrendering to his will as he continued to thrust inside me.  I felt him grab my ass and go deeper inside me! Faster and faster and faster he thrust; STILL never taking his eyes off me and then he stopped!   In one sweep, he turned me on my stomach and I felt his hands caress my back.  I felt his mouth on my ass sucking, licking and kissing it; sliding his tongue between my cheeks and then he entered me again; lowering himself on top of me and playing with my clit while he thrust inside me, whispering in my ear.  you feel so good.  do you want me to go deeper?  tell me.’  Through tears that suddenly formed, I said, ‘I...yes..deep...I want it.  don’t stop...oh god please, don’t stop!’  He continued to whisper ‘sweet nothings’ in my ear, his thrusting going faster and harder; feeling his cock expand and throb inside me.  I wanna come inside you.  Can I come inside you?  can I, sweetness...can I.’  I couldn’t speak.  I couldn’t make a sound.  All I could do was push back into him; joining his rhythm on the verge of an orgasm.  Suddenly, I screamed, ‘COME’ and in unison our screams could be heard echoing in the night skies.

We lay in each other’s arms for what seemed hours; and I noticed it was morning as the sun streamed through the blinds.  I rested my chin on his chest and caressed his lips.  He stirred and opened his eyes.  ‘good morning love.’  He said, smiled and pulled me closer.  ‘good morning.’  I smiled, like a cheshire cat.  He repositioned himself over me and stared into my eyes.  ‘how did you sleep?’ he asked.  like a baby.’  I said.  He smiled and kissed me deep and it began all over again.  I could feel his hand between my legs and I spread my legs wide and up in the air to feel every inch of his fingers playing with my clit.  ‘I love how you get so wet’ he whispered and entered me with his beautiful cock.  He teased me...going in and pulling out...going in and pulling out…going in and pulling out!  I wanted to slap him!!  He sucked my breasts and then travelled down to my sweetness and ravaged my pussy with is tongue until I came all over his face.  This time I flipped him, sat on his face and took his cock into my mouth.  Mmmm...he was huge and tasty like a lollipop, as my mouth took him deep; my tongue dancing around his head.  He slapped me on my ass, slipped his finger inside me and pushed my head deeper onto his cock.  As I banged my pussy in his face, I practically choked on his dick, and then we finally came; our screams louder than the night before.  We lay there in our sexual sweat trying to catch our breath.

He then retreated to the bathroom as I watched his tight ass shake; with a walk that would command attention.  All I could do was remember everything he had did to me the night before and this morning; when I heard a knock at his front door.  THE SINGER emerged from the bathroom dressed in silk pajama pants and a robe.  He handed me a fluffy robe from the hotel to put on; as I followed him out and flung myself on the couch as if I was home. 

I had closed my eyes for a moment; taking in the wonderful evening and morning I had and heard two voices in the background.  When I opened them, my heart stopped and my vision blurred.  I think I had fainted again!  When I opened my eyes, I saw two of THE SINGER starring down at me.  ‘did you drug me or something?’  I said, trying to get up.  ‘no, you’re not drugged.  I wouldn’t do that to you.’  I starred blankly; trying to take what was before into focus.  ‘let me explain’ he said, sitting down next to me. ‘this is my twin brother.  I’m his manager.’  Half dazed and half listening, he continued, ‘My brother was the one who saw you at the stage door.  He pointed you out to me before the show and when I saw you, I knew I had to have you.  After that, I was watching you for the entire show.’ I blinked trying to make sense of it all.  ‘but all those women...all over you. what...I feel insane.’   ‘when I approached you, those women thought I was my brother.  He was still backstage getting ready for the meet and greet.’  I WAS going insane because sitting there looking at them both, all I could think of was having them both!!  (to be continued)

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